High quality dietary supplements can be an essential part of staying healthy. With our focus on health and well-being, USynergen strives to meet the needs of our customers by providing the following dietary supplements.
MemoSorce is a premium nutritional supplement specifically developed to maintain and support a healthy brain, particularly to enhance cognitive functions including memory, concentration, and focus. It also gives users an energy boost by stimulating the natural production of energy in the brain and body.

One of the main ingredients in MemoSorce is cerebrohydrolysate (cerebroprotein hydrolysate), which is carefully derived from porcine neuron cells using a very stringent process that ensures safety and quality. Cerebrohydrolysate contains a unique combination of vital nutrients including amino acids, neurotransmitters, peptides and most importantly, neuropeptides, known to support the neurological functions of the brain.  Numerous  scientific studies have shown that neuropeptides play a role in improving memory, protecting and supporting existing neurons in the brain, as well as stimulating the regeneration and formation of new brain cells and their neuronal connections.
Another important component of MemoSorce is citicoline, a memory-boosting nutrient that works to enhance the communications between neurons by promoting the synthesis of acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter involved in memory formation. It also acts to protect the neuron membranes, prevent excessive inflammatory responses, reduce free radical productions following ischemic brain damage, and promote energy production in the cells. These mechanisms work to maintain overall brain health and increase energy level of the brain. Additionally, there are crucial vitamins in MemoSorce that have been clinically proven to protect neurons, produce energy, and boost brainpower. 

Vitamins C and E are both powerful antioxidants that protect the brain from oxidative damage. Vitamin E has powerful neuronal protective effects against hypercholesterolemia-induced neuronal death in hippocampus, a vital area of the brain for cognitive functioning. MemoSorce also contains vitamin D to prevent cognitive decline, as deficiency in vitamin D is commonly correlated with cognitive decline and dementia in elderly.

Vitamins B1 and B2 are additional components in MemoSorce, playing vital roles in the metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids and amino acids in the brain. In fact, a vitamin B1 deficiency can lead to cell damage and death in the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. Vitamin B2 helps to keep cellular oxidative stress under control, which is important for maintaining brain health
MemoSorce also contains vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid, all of which assist important biochemical reactions in the body that are critical for life, including energy metabolism, one carbon metabolism, neurotransmitter synthesis, DNA synthesis, repair, and methylation, along with many other functions. Scientific studies and clinical trials have demonstrated that a deficiency in these vitamins is correlated with a decline in cognitive functions, whereas supplementing with thesevitamins can significantly improve cognitive functioning and slow down the brain aging process as well as brain shrinkage in the elderly.
Therefore, when you combine the nutritional ingredients contained in MemoSorce you have a nutritional supplement that delivers a unique synergistic power to benefit the human brain in all its cognitive functions.

HepaAid is a premium nutritional supplement formulated to maintain a healthy liver and to support its important functions: metabolism of nutrients, detoxification of harmful chemicals, production of proteins, and absorption of lipids.
The main component in HepaAid is hepatohydrolysate (or hepatic protein hydrolysate), which is carefully derived from porcine liver cells using a very stringent process that ensures safety and quality. This provides the essential nutrients needed to support regenerating liver cells, repairing any liver injury, and maintaining optimum liver health and function. In addition, animal studies have shown that liver extracts can inhibit unhealthy forms of cell growth in the liver and may also reduce body fat.

Another major ingredient in HepaAid is turmeric, which has remarkable liver protective and regenerative properties that have been demonstrated through scientific research. Turmeric also alleviates liver damaged due to chemical and/or drug exposure, such as too much iron, endotoxin, heavy metals, dimethylnitrosamine, cigarette smoke and ethanol.
Turmeric also helps to relieve inflammatory bowel disease and works to prevent high fat diet induced insulin resistance and obesity. It combats the hepatitis C virus, prevents cirrhosis of the liver, and may also inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the liver. Turmeric is widely considered highly protective of the liver overall and as an added bonus, it has also been shown to protect the body neurologically.
Another important ingredient is N-Acetylcysteine, which for many decades now has been a well-known antidote, specifically for acute liver poisoning caused by the drug acetaminophen. It is also helpful in restoring liver health in many other cases of acute drug-induced or toxic chemical-induced liver injury, including injuries caused by carbon tetrachloride, amiodarone, carbosulfan and cadmium, as well as septic shock. In addition, it can help patients recover from fulminant hepatic failure due to acute viral hepatitis and from non-alcoholic fatty liver.
Vitamin D and vitamin E have also been added to HepaAid since they are potent liver protectors. Medical research has shown repeatedly that vitamin D and E protect against certain types of chronic liver damage and cirrhosis, oxidative stress-induced liver damage, certain types of hepatitis C, lipid peroxidation, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
The unique combination of nutritional ingredients in HepaAid delivers a synergistic power that benefits human liver in its important functions.
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USynergen has been the answer for those seeking the best in cosmetic and personal care products. Our range of cosmetic products is the perfect complement to your daily lifestyle    
Floselene Hexapeptide Series -
Cosmetics and Skincare Products

Floselene Hexapeptide Revitalizing Toner

Content: 120 ml

Function: To moisturize, firm, and remove rough/dry skin cells, and to eliminate rosacea for a soothing and more refreshing effect.

Usage: Gently apply moisturizer to face, after morning and evening cleansing, until well absorbed.
Floselene Hexapeptide Anti-wrinkle Repair Essence Emulsion

Content: 60 ml

Function: To moisturize and prevent wrinkles while encouraging enhanced firmness and elasticity. Regular use can improve skin's luster.

Usage: Evenly apply product to face and neck until full absorbed, after properly washing and toning the face every morning and evening.
Floselene Hexapeptide Anti-wrinkle Refirming Essence

Content: 30 ml

Function:  Product contains nutrients used to help reduce and eliminate wrinkles, firm skin, and to enhance aging skin. Regular use can significantly boost skin elasticity, producing a refreshing, rejuvenated, and enriching effect.

Usage:  After every morning and evening face cleansing, slowly apply product to face and under eye area, specifically near dry and wrinkled skin, being careful to avoid application of product too close to the eyes.
Floselene Hexapeptide Anti-wrinkle Refirming Cream

Content: 30 ml

Function: Product replenishes and renews skin for a smoother, firmer, and more revitalizing effect, while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Regular use can improve skin's luster.

Usage: After properly washing and toning the face every morning and evening, gently massage product onto face and neck until full absorbed.    
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USynergen pet product line is created to support and maintain pet health and well-being. We offer products specifically tailored to address today's most common pet health concerns.

Nutritional supplements 
Our Nutritional supplements are intended to support all aspects of your pet's health. This product range support immune system health, normal joint structure and function, cardiovascular health, a healthy mood, a lustrous coat, and much more.